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FlashFright Pro Rechargeable $310.00
FlashFright Pro Rechargeable
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FlashFrights come in set's of (4) lights.  Each light comes with a remote.


Change an old haunt into a new experience without changing a thing!

Providing the Flash-Fright Pro to your Haunted House, Haunted Woods/Trails or Haunted Maze patrons as a flashlight tour offers a new experience to an old attraction.

Flash-Fright Pro is a remote controlled flashlight that your actors control creating different types of scares to their victims. 

Flash-Fright Pro uses a four button wireless remote which activates four different light effects:


Slow dim to off, simulating batteries are going dead

Flickering on/off


Using Flash-Fright Pro in a haunt or hard to light trail/maze can pay for itself with reduced wiring and lighting needs.


LED light bulb which provides long battery life and is shock resistant.

The LED light level is dimmer than a standard flashlight which provides a very scary look.

The standard button on the outside does not operate the light so the patrons have no control over it.

Flash-Fright Pro is sold in sets of four (4).  Each light comes with a remote control.

Style and color of the Flash-Fright may be different then shown


To charge the FlashFright's you will need at least one of the charges below.  The Two Port Charger charges two FlashFright's at one time and requires a 9 hr. charge time.

The Ten Port Charger, chargers ten FlashFright's at one time and requires a 2 to 4 hr charge time. 

The constant LED on run time is 4 to 5 hr's per charge.

Available Options:
Battery Charger Ten Port:
Battery Charger Two Port:
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 January, 2007.
Tuesday November 21 2017

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